It Takes a Village

It truly took a village to turn the whimsical ideas of two ordinary parents into the exciting reality of Quotable Kidz with all of the complex and sophisticated features that thoughtful parents require to keep their most precious memories safe and secure. We had to search long and hard to find a development team with the finesse and expertise that a project of this caliber requires. We are grateful that eventually, after multiple migrations, we were able to complete the website with the help of a tireless group of developers whose devotion to the project was as serious as our own love for it. 


Many others -- including friends, relatives, professionals, and colleagues -- helped us along the way, not all of whom are listed here. We are grateful to everyone whose thoughts, words of wisdom, critiques, shared enthusiasm, and encouragement helped us find our way over the hurdles we encountered along the way. Brothers and sisters from all around the world, once they heard about the project, just offered their help and guidance.


Our vision is that Quotable Kidz will bring together people from all around the globe through a shared love for and appreciation of children. The task of building and completing the website has already done just that.

Jon Samson Born in Johannesburg, South Africa Gave us the brilliant idea that our song should be based on Dora's own words
Jon Samson is a  Grammy Award winning songwriter, musician, board certified music therapist, and the founder of CoCreative Music in  Brooklyn, New York
Martha Hall Born in Los Angeles, California Helped us with content editing and awesome creative ideas
Martha Hall is a  mother and an author in  Los Angeles, California
Lauren Bruns Born in Louisiana Helped us with song composition, instrumental performance, and recording
Lauren Bruns is a  mother and a composer and the music instructor at the Laurence School in  Sherman Oaks, California
Michelle Opitz Born in Yokosuka, Japan Helped us with video editing
Michelle Opitz is a  filmmaker and film teacher in  Los Angeles, California
Bryan Sanders Born in Los Angeles, California Gave us fabulous innovative feature ideas
Bryan Sanders is a  father and a researcher of virtual learning environments at Loyola Marymount University in  Los Angeles, California
Hadeel Reda Born in Cairo, Egypt Advisory Committee Member
Hadeel Reda is a  a mother and an executive producer at Purples Pictures and ESX Entertainment in  Los Angeles, California